Winter Equipment

The clearing of snow and ice is essential to keep your yard, farm or business functioning efficiently and more importantly, safely, during poor weather. The Logic System20 chassis enables you to quickly mount a number of front mounted聽 attachments to the front of your ATV or UTV, including a power brush, yard scraper or snow plough.

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What makes Logic Winter Equipment superior?
  • Logic salt spreaders –聽All Logic GDS and PDS salt spreaders employ the same moving floor technology found in highway sized machines, available with hydraulic, engine or ground drive. The Logic Salt Spreader is the quickest, most efficient way to reduce the risks of slipping hazards on roads and yards and can be teamed up with ATV鈥檚, UTVs, 4 x 4s, tractors, telehandlers and forklifts.
  • Logic Power brushes 聽–聽Front mounted power brush on your quad or UTV for efficient clearing light snow of any yard, drive, path or roadway.
  • Logic snow plough –Front mounted snow plough on your quad or UTV provide go-anywhere, compact, efficient snow clearing of any yard, drive, road for improved access in bad weather.
  • Logic de-icing sprayers聽 -Spraying units 聽ideal for specialist ice-melt liquids in sensitive areas where spreading de-icing products is not ideal, spreading Rock Salt would be too corrosive or where no messy residue is important, like hospitals, shops, airports, schools and railway stations etc.

12v Mounted De-Icing Spreaders

Professional Salt Spreaders

Snow Ploughs

De-icing sprayers